b o n i

local stores & charities service

January 2017 - 1 month

school project with/ Paul Perusat
Thomas Cescousse


Group school project lasting a month. The aim was to promote local trade thanks to a local virtual currency, which provides benefits and reductions. We chose with my group, to add the concept to help the local associative life: while making purchases in the partner shops in the service, a part of the benefits is donated to a charity.

My role

We developed the concept and logic of the service, as well as the graphic universe together, and later I worked mainly on the design in general and the mockups for the desktop version of the service, and its prototype.

The concept

Boni is a network of proximity partner shops in which the Boni users can pay with Boni points, or use discounts that they have accumulated. At the time of purchase, the consumer may choose to give a certain amount of the points to a local charity, which will also be able to use its points in partner shops. The consumer makes a donation without even realizing it. A community is created and the neighborhood becomes more dynamic.