s n c f

French National Railway Company

February - July 2018 - 6 months

school project with/ Morgane LESVEQUE


Six months project with Morgane LESVEQUE a Sustainable City Master student, with the rail company SNCF. The aim of the project was to imagine the train driver's cabin of the future. We had to work around the theme "polymorphism" with Morgane, to guide our researches. We decided to focus on the unused cabin at the back of the train. We wanted to use it as a space for children and their parents. But we also thought the functionalities of the cockpit driver. We created an arch, which hide a sliding scale puzzle, a polymorphic element which allows to switch the functionality of the space.
Our project has been selected by SNCF to be exhibited at the InnoTrans 2018 show in Berlin, the biggest rail transport show in the world.

My role

My work and reasoning were mostly focused on the driver / machine and passenger / machine interactions. It means the logic around the articulation of space, and how to simplify and adapt the drive of the driver.

The concept

Logik’Cab is a prospective and innovative new concept for children and adults. The unused driver’s cabin at the rear of the train is transformed into a new space for train’s passengers. And inversely when the train goes in the other way.

The arch is a relaxing area for the train’s staff and becomes a human scale puzzle for the passengers.The floor is flexible thanks to its level system. The driving space is flexible and can be tuned to the driver's preferences. He can be sitting or standing. The place turns into a screen to broadcast an explanatory video about the theme of the puzzle to the participants. The arch is composed of flexible screens which can broadcast the puzzle or any other image according to user’s desires.



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