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48h contest

December 6th-8th 2016

In partnership with / i-PB (Informatique Banque Populaire)


I joined a team composed of six people with different profiles (IT professionals, consultants, etc.) working at Banque Populaire (a French bank). The aim was to create, thanks to digital, a service that would simplify either: the users' daily life, or during the important moments in their lives (first job, moving, etc.). During two days we had to elaborate a concept, its design and to create business model. The last day of the contest we only had five minutes to present our final concept.

My role

Thanks to my designer profile, I participated a lot in elaborating the concept and the user experience. It was very interesting to work in such a short time with people from a very different professional environment to mine. The process was simplified and very fast.

The concept

We chose with my team to create a concept to simplify and secure the online payment on the internet. During our research, we have observed that most of the users were afraid to give their banking data to a website, and that creating a new account every time bothers them. So we designed a concept such as the Facebook or Google+ button, connected to the bank to pay immediately on any merchant site, without giving any personal data to the website. The payment process is simplified and very fast.


The user only has to push the "Cyber+ Pay" button. The application appears with the details of the purchase. The user can use his fingerprint or a code to confirm the purchase, and that is it ! No account to create, no data to give to a unkown website, and all the details of the purchase can be found on the application Cyber+ Pay.