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Pervasive game / application

November 2016 - January 2017 - 3 months

with/ Benjamin Carrier
Thomas Cescousse
Raphaël Duclos


Group school project. The aim of this project was to create a pervasive game, which means adding emerging interfaces to the concept (wireless network, geolocation, sensors) while integrating the constraints we had picked randomly: the user has to discover the city thanks to the practice of an urban sport.

My role

This project was composed by "sprints" from week to week. This means that we have to develop the application as we go along the projet, while designing and coding it at the same time. Thanks to this technique, we could provide a new demonstrator each week, that can be used and improved. We met professional sportsmen to discuss and then design at best the application. Then I was primarily in charge of the bases of the HTML / CSS code.

The concept

We chose to focus our game on the practice of parkour. The users film themselves doing parkour on different spots in the city, that can be discovered thanks to TRACEUR. The other users give the performance a mark based on the technique and the aesthetic of the video. They can also challenge them. This score is added to their total ranking. The user who has the best score in a given spot is the champion of it. Users can also accumulate badges for the actions they complete in the application.



Mockup d'iPhone contenant la vidéo